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Will Cell Towers Become Obsolete?

What does the future of cell towers hold for landlords and landowners?

That’s the burning question for regarding 250,000 cell site leaseholders that are trying to figure out if they can trust getting that regular monthly rental check from Verizon Wireless, AT&T Wireless, U.S. Cellular, Sprint, T-Mobile, Cricket or City PCS right here in the United States. Each year some wing-nut telecom geek creating for among the smart technology blogs or web sites produces a feel-good short article on just how the awful mobile towers polluting the skies will quickly lapse as well as changed by some pocket-sized dice that does not create international warming or kill the Hudson River Red Tailed Pigeon, or by a network of little satellites, or by hot air balloons, by some advance in nanotechnology or possibly by bridge trolls.

Sure, the providers have constructed out DAS (Distributed Antenna Solutions) in places where usually nothing else insurance coverage solutions existed. But these DAS systems are incredibly costly as well as will never change cell phone towers in our lifetime.


Will cell towers become obsolete?

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Cell towers will certainly become obsolete just when Chevy Suburban’s and also Ford F-150's can drive down the Interstate at 70 Miles Per Hour completely powered by solar panels made in the USA. The demand for bandwidth is expanding much faster than the providers can market smartphones. Even if they came up with some fantastic modern technology that can replace cell towers, it would quickly take one decade or even more to execute. Think of it, the amount of you reading this presently have mediocre to inadequate cordless coverage currently as compared to 5 years ago before every 12-year-old began obtaining information text messages on their mobile phone? Do you regularly go down phone calls? The number of times did you call the customer support line to grumble? Wonder why they couldn’t repair it? They require more cell towers, not fewer cell websites, and telecom researchers have not yet designed the all-around cell tower transmission capacity nano-widget to change that massive chunk of steel airborne extending skyward in your area.

The number of places has little or no protection now? I feel bad for the 55 million rural folks once more left without coverage. It’s time spread the ability, so every person has coverage, and take all the cell sites from Wall Street, deactivate them and also move them to rural Vermont. LOL.

Will some brand-new modern technology replace cell websites?

The report has it that the present administration is taking a look at converting all of the Chevy Volt’s ever created into strolling telecommunication base stations in the San Francisco Bay Location to replace all existing cell sites. We will keep you posted on the progress of this eco-friendly initiative.


What’s most likely to happen to my cellular site lease income?

Certainly, some wireless proprietors will agree to have carriers decrease their cell tower rental fees and have their cell site leases enhanced to calm the price cutting service providers so they can continue providing mediocre insurance coverage to their cherished clients. At the final thought of every five-year term, landlords that accept a rental fee decrease can anticipate having the service providers re-optimize their previously maximized cell tower leases up until ultimately either cell towers will become obsolete or the providers will be renting area on their fully optimized rented property free of charge.

We have actually answered lots of crucial questions here, as well as after reading our comprehensive evaluation into the inner eye of the cell tower infrastructure as well as the leasing industry, you are most likely damaging your head, as well as questioning just how it is feasible that there is only one genuinely independent service provider neutral cell tower speaking with company in the United States which is enjoyed by property managers as well as despised by the establishment.


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